CBCT 3D COLOR Cone Beam Scanner

CBCT 3D COLOR Cone Beam Scanner

As medical technology continues to make strides, so have the improvements in CT scans. A variation of the traditional CT scans is cone-beam computed tomography systems (CBCT), which are now widely used for medical imaging and diagnostics. Because of this, our dental clinic has started to implement this technology as we strive to deliver exceptional dental care that utilizes these CBCT scanners in our treatments.

Advantages of Using a CBCT 3D Color Cone Beam Scanner in Treatments

  • The new Cone Beam Scanner will ensure better accuracy and better image quality than traditional CT scans.
  • They give the dentist a better understanding and more in-depth information on the problem. This improves treatment times and can reliably assist the dentist in proposing better treatment options.
  • The 3D images of your mouth include the soft tissues and various structures in the mouth.
  • It can cover all areas of the gums, which was previously harder to do on a traditional CT scanner.
  • It can also scan specific areas, which helps give the dentist a more focused view of the problem and enables them to identify potential problems that would have otherwise been too small to be seen on a traditional CT scan.
  • The radiation a CBCT scan exposes the patients to is also much lower than traditional CT scans. This makes it a safer and more convenient alternative and a more comfortable patient experience.

Quality Dental Care Near You

The use of CBCT scanners in treatments allows for faster turnaround times. This quick and painless method means that patients won’t have to wait long to get their results and can be rest assured knowing they’re in capable hands. We make it a point to ensure a positive patient experience and want our patients to fully use the benefits CBCT scanners bring. The procedure is safe for kids and can be an excellent way to understand more about a dental problem.

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