Intra Oral Scanner & Camera

Intra Oral Scanner & Camera in McKinney

An intra-oral camera is a type of dental camera used to view the inside of a patient’s mouth. It can be comfortably held in the dental practitioner’s hand and is used to take digital impressions of the teeth. These images are then transmitted to an external monitor to give the dentist a clear view of the problem and enable them to make a thorough assessment in real-time. The device details the patient’s condition that would have otherwise gone undiagnosed. It also allows the dentist to give a more accurate diagnosis and propose treatment plans accordingly.

What to Expect When for Treatments That Use Intra Oral Scanners?

Patients can expect a smooth procedure as the camera is small and easily maneuverable. They’ll be given a clear overview of their mouth which is easily seen on the external monitor. The procedure provides some much-needed insight and can help your dentist identify potential problems that may not have been as apparent.

Intra Oral Scanners and Cameras Allow for a Better Patient Experience

Intra-oral scanners and cameras in treatments allow your dentist to better explain the problem and how the treatment option will work in greater detail. It reassures patients that their dental situation is being effectively tackled and will enable them to make an informed decision on their oral health. Intra-oral cameras also allow the dentist to showcase before and after images following the procedure. Patients will be able to see the changes made to their smiles, and the results can also be forwarded to insurance providers for insurance claims and faster processing times. It may also be helpful for cases involving a more complex situation where they may need a second or third opinion. Dentists can go over the results with other dentists to determine an appropriate course of action.

Dream Family Dental is your local dental clinic in McKinney, TX, that offers intra-oral scammers for use in treatments. These cameras allow the dentist to understand the problem better and will enable them to provide better care. Feel free to call us to arrange your next appointment today.