Candid Clear Aligners

Candid Clear Aligners in McKinney, TX

Do you have a slight misalignment in your teeth but think treatments like Invisalign aren’t necessary for your situation? If you are, consider getting Candid clear aligners from an orthodontist near you. These clear aligners treat a varying degree of malocclusion and are as effective at providing the natural-looking results you’re after.

What are Candid Clear Aligners?

Candid clear aligners are an orthodontic treatment used to give patients straighter teeth. It’s most often compared to procedures like Invisalign but is much more affordable. The procedure makes use of clear aligners that gradually repositions the teeth. It’s a discreet method of getting straighter teeth, and unlike traditional braces, it won’t hinder the patient’s ability to speak or enjoy the foods they love. These aligners are comfortable to wear, and patients can easily remove them when not in use or when going about their daily dental regimen. Appointments are also much easier, as you will be asked to attend a virtual check-in once every 14 days. It’s much more convenient as patients won’t have to make unnecessary trips to the dentist.

Are Candid Clear Aligners Affordable?

Compared to similar orthodontic treatments, Candid clear aligners are more affordable and provide similar results. Depending on their circumstances, patients can expect to pay between $3000 and $8000. This price point allows them to be excellent alternatives to popular procedures like Invisalign, which can cost upwards of $5700. Patients also benefit from cutting down on commute times as they’ll only need to come in for the initial teeth scan, where impressions of their teeth will be taken. This part of the procedure will typically only take two visits, though additional appointments may be needed for a more severe case.

How Long Does It Take for Candid Clear Aligners to Work?

Treatment times will vary, but most patients can see noticeable results within a few months, with the entire treatment taking up to a year. Though, most patients can achieve the results they want within six months. The procedure is much faster than traditional braces, taking up to two years.

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