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Dental Implants in McKinney, TX

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are considered the most natural-looking and durable tooth replacement option by patients and dentists alike. Although their treatment does require more time than other options, these two qualities continue to make them a procedure of choice for many patients. Our team at Dream Family Dental want our patients to have answers to their questions about all tooth replacement choices. Following are some commonly asked questions concerning dental implants. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for in the FAQ section below, please call our dental care team at Dream Family Dental.

FAQ’s about Dental Implants

In addition to their natural appearance and durability, are there other benefits that I should know about dental implants?

Yes! Because dental implants are permanently affixed to a patient’s jaw, they prevent the risk of future bone loss.

Why should I be concerned about bone loss in my jaw?

Bone loss affects the functionality of a patient’s bite and changes their facial structure. If you’ve noticed individuals who have missing teeth that also have a sunken or hollowed-out appearance around their mouths and cheeks, it’s because of bone loss.

How long will my implant procedure take?

Every patient is different concerning their implant procedure. Some patients may need a bone graft, while others will not. Likewise, every patient heals at a different rate. When you visit our dentist in McKinney, TX for your implant consultation, you’ll receive an estimated timeline for your procedure. In general, however, dental implants typically require 3 to 6 months of treatment.

How do I plan for these appointments?

Our dentists and dental care team at Dream Family Dental will provide you with guidelines concerning the needed time between appointments. This way, patients will know when their next appointment needs to be scheduled at the end of one appointment. Patients will have some flexibility when scheduling their next appointment in almost every instance.

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