Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in McKinney, TX

It’s not uncommon for many people to wait to locate an emergency dentist in McKinney, TX until the emergency has occurred. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency now, please call our comprehensive dentist near you for triage information. Even if you’re not a patient of Dream Family Dental, our office is equipped with the equipment and technology to treat most dental emergencies. By calling our office now, we can prepare to administer treatment immediately upon your arrival.

Our Commitment to Patients

Whether you are a new patient needing ongoing comprehensive dentistry or a new patient looking for emergency dentistry without having established a relationship with a dental practice in McKinney, TX, our commitment to provide compassionate, thorough care remains the same.

We know that just as every patient has different concerns about their general oral health, they may also have different concerns about emergency dentistry. We understand that most patients will view their need for emergency dentistry differently. So, we invite you to call our office now to determine how quickly you can be seen or receive triage information until you can be seen during our next available appointment.

And if you’re reading this while not needing emergency dentistry near you, one of the best things you can do now is to make sure you are current on your dental exams and teeth cleaning appointments. By staying current in your preventive care, many dental emergencies can be either minimized or eliminated from occurring at all.

Our dentists can identify potential risks in your future dental health during a regular dental exam. For example, we can identify cracked teeth before total tooth breakage occurs. Another example is the health of your gums. You may believe that the lump on your gum is nothing to worry about when it’s one of the first signs of oral cancer.

Something to Consider

If you have your primary care physician’s name and phone number (or even your pet’s veterinarian) stored in your phone, why not add ours to your list of emergency contacts? Call us or book an appointment with us now for emergency dentistry near you.

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