Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in McKinney, TX

If you’re experiencing tooth pain right now and searching for a dentist near you to diagnose and treat your concern, we invite you to call our team at Dream Family Dental. Our dentist in McKinney, TX has the experience, skill, equipment, and technology that’s needed to diagnose and treat many types of dental emergencies, including root canal therapy near you.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

  • From a patient’s perspective, the number one benefit of root canal therapy is that it stops the pain they are experiencing from an infected tooth.
  • From a dental therapeutic perspective, the number one benefit is saving the infected tooth instead of being removed.
  • We know that dental pain associated with an infected tooth can often be so severe that some patients may not even care about the priority of saving their teeth.
  • They want the pain to end! They may not even be considering the costs and future health concerns associated with removing a tooth and replacing it instead of saving it.

Your Root Canal Therapy Consultation

When you visit Dream Family Dental for your root canal therapy consultation, you’ll learn more about why it’s important to save a tooth rather than extract it. For example, we will discuss additional health concerns such as future tooth movement and jaw strength degradation. We understand that most patients in pain want the pain to stop as quickly as possible, and root canal therapy from Dream Family Dental does precisely that!

In some cases, your treatment may not happen during your first appointment due to the extent of the infection that’s causing pain. However, our dentists will prescribe antibiotic treatment to immediately reduce the level of your infection (and the pain associated with it) until your root canal therapy can be conducted. Patients report that the prescription of antibiotics alone significantly helped reduce the pain they were experiencing.

Your Natural Tooth is Your Best Tooth

Rather than worrying about the cost, inconvenience, and potential health risks associated with future tooth replacement, we invite you to book an appointment with our dentist near you today for a root canal consultation.

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