Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment in McKinney, TX

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a severe sleep issue that is characterized by breathing interruptions during sleep. If a person doesn’t address this condition, they will continue experiencing breathing issues during sleep, and some of them might wake up hundreds of times during the night.

Besides the fact that it causes stress and prevents a good night’s rest, sleep apnea can lead to various other health issues, including cardiomyopathy, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and several heart conditions. An individual who is suffering from it will have trouble at work and is more likely to have a car or motor accident. When it comes to children, sleep apnea might affect their development and performance in school.

This issue can be addressed once you visit Dream Family Dental in McKinney, TX. Our experts will take a close look at your situation and recommend the best possible treatment.

What are the Types of Sleep Apnea?

We differentiate two main categories of this condition:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea: This is the more common manifestation of the ailment. A person who is suffering from it will experience repetitive airway blockage during sleep. This blockage might be partial or complete. As a person struggles to breathe air, the chest and diaphragm will work intensely in an attempt to open up the airways. When breathing does continue, a person will release a body jerk or a loud gasp. Sleep apnea reduces the flow of oxygen to the vital organs, causing dysfunction of the brain and the heart.
  • Central sleep apnea: During central sleep apnea, there will be no blockage of the airways. However, the problem occurs as the brain isn’t able to send a signal to the muscles responsible for breathing. A person still won’t breathe, as is the case with obstructive sleep apnea as well. This condition has to do with how the central nervous system is functioning.

Who gets Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition that will affect 10 percent of all women and 25 percent of men. It can appear at any age, and it might even affect small children and babies. People who are overweight or above 50 are more likely to suffer from this ailment.

Visit Your Nearby Dentist

There are certain things that increase the odds of apnea. The list includes a large neck and other abnormalities, excessive weight, enlarged tonsils, and a small jaw. No matter the problem, Dream Family Dental will try to alleviate it and improve your symptoms.Call us or book your appointment now!

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